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About us

Our history
Established in 1996, Mediamare was born from Marcello Serra's (Registered at n.12 in the Ship Broker's Registry of The Chamber of Commerce of Cagliari) passion for fast boats.
With a wealth of experience in the world of sailing, intensified over the years by an extensive knowledge of shipyards and charter boats, Marcello Serra created his first office in Porto Rotondo in 2005. The main goals were to excel in the high quality of both new and second hand ranges, as well as the precision of the services offered by the company.

Our goals
Today, the company is the sole dealer, for Sardinia, of the Baia Spa boatyard, producer of famously high performance yachts. The brokerage side of its business is also of great importance.
Mediamare always represents high quality and fast resale: the customer is assured of being able to quickly replace their boat with another, choosing the best among the top selected brands. If you need reliability, commitment, efficiency and punctuality, Mediamare is, without a doubt, the best solution in Sardinia.